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AT Seminar 2017-11-24 by Carmelo Evoli

The last years have been dense with new developments in the search for the sources of Galactic cosmic rays (CRs): 1) The detection of features in the spectra of some primary chemicals opened new questions on the propagation of CRs in the Galaxy. 2) Precise measurements by AMS-02 of secondary nuclei are providing unique information about the transport processes over a larger energy domain 3) Gamma-ray observations by FERMI-LAT data revealed that the radial emissivity of gamma-rays induced by interactions of CRs with the interstellar medium along the Galactic Plane exhibits significant variations along the galactic plane.
For the first time, models about the galactic distribution of CR factories, as well as about the CR propagation throughout the Galaxy, can be severely tested against local and not-local observations. 
In my talk, I will discuss some of these developments and their implications for our understanding of the origin of cosmic rays.

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